Reflections Tutorial


Unless you have been living in a cave or have learned how to completely filter out the advertising world (if so, please tell me how you have managed to do it) you have seen the reflection technique. Apple pioneered this effect in their advertising campaigns. That’s not to say that they invented it but they sure do use the heck out of it. I even used it for my PhotoWalkPro logo. I have had a few people write in and ask how to make the reflections so I thought I would throw together a quick video tutorial. When you see how easy it is to do, you won’t be able to stop. Pretty soon you will be using it for everything because, as someone recently said to me, reflections are the new “drop shadow”.





  1. I filter out the advertising world. I tolerate neither ads nor liberalism. I PVR my videos, and I adfilter the interweb: AdBlock Plus + Ad Muncher

    Thanks for serving shadows to my cave


  1. PhotoWalkPro » Reflections Tutorial

    A short Photoshop tutorial on how to create reflections as seen in most Apple advertising.

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