Photowalk Update and a Little More


I wanted to make sure that anyone that was planning on coming out to photowalk with me this week in Orlando had all the information. So if you are thinking about coming out, here is everything you need to know:

When?:  Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Where?:     Orlando, FL

Be More Specific:     The walk will start at the northeast corner of Lake Eola at the corner of Robinson St. and Eola Dr.  From there the walk will proceed around the southern part of the lake, over to Church Street Station, and back around the lake to the starting point.

What Time does it start?:     5:30 PM – I have tried to make the starting time as late as possible to accommodate the most folks.  If you can’t make it to the starting point on time, just join us along the way.

What time does it end?:      7:30 PM or whenever we get tired of shooting and start to feel lightheaded due to lack of food.  The finish line is right back where we started so that we can possibly shoot some cityscapes across the lake as the sun goes down.

Food?  Did someone mention food?:     I will locate a restaurant for us to gather at after the photowalk where we can fill our tanks and shoot the bull.  The location will be announced at the beginning of the photowalk.

What is this going to cost me?:  Nada, Zip, Zero, not one slim dime!  This is just a social shooting event.  Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in.  The only cost to you is your time.

If you would like to see all the details, please read my previous posts here, and here.  I hope to see you there.


And Now for Something Completely Different –

This isn’t really a photography thing but I came across it this weekend and I was completely astounded.  I have been following CGI attempts at creating the human figure and, although they have come close, the attempts always seemed to fall short, especially when trying to relay emotion.  To date, the 2001 film, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within was by and large the closest to creating computer generated humans.  So when I came across the Image Metrics website, I was just blown away with what I found.  I would explain it but it is so much better to just go there and click on the Play button.  Just click here to see what I’m talking about.

And This Too –

Finally, check out the site typoGenerator.  A very cool little application to create a type-poster image using the text that you enter. Just type your text into the box and click the Generate button.  If you aren’t happy with the random results, you can click the Try Again button.  If you like one aspect of the generated image, just click the Keep It button and then try again to change the other aspects of the poster.  Once you have the poster of your choice, simply click the 640×480 link to generate your poster in another window at, you guessed it, 640×480 pixels.  Now just right-click or control-click on the image and save it to your computer.  It’s not only fun, it’s also kind of addictive.  Just the thing to break up that monotonous Monday.  To make your own typo-poster, click here.

My Typo-Poster


  1. Image Metrics link was cool Jeff,

    Mike M P Pro – another reason to get Fios

  2. Craig Beyers says:

    The directions are inconsistent….will we be meeting at the southwest corner of the lake or the northeast corner of the lake? This page says southwest, the references say northeast, but with the same roads. Since I don’t know the area and will be coming from a pre-con workshop, knowing the correct starting location will be the difference between meeting up and not finding the group. Thanks.

  3. Have fun at Photoshop World! Enjoy the photo walk! Enviously sitting here in SC dealing with a wisdom tooth extraction from earlier today. My yummy filling dinner of a strawberry shake from Mickey Dee’s should be home soon. Cool link though on the site (typoGenerator)! I like the graphics it renders!

  4. Harold Blouin says:

    Craig Beyers

    It’s the north east corner. The corner of E. Robinson st.. and North Eola Dr.

    I’m on the plane tomorrow mourning 🙂

    See you all there.


  5. Craig,
    The actual starting location is the northeast corner (see above). I think the confusion is that I told anyone that might want to catch up to us that they could go to the southwest corner and intercept us before we head down the road towards Church Street Station. Sorry for the confusion.


  6. I spent 6 years learning 3d animation and modeling and I can honestly say I’m glad to forget it all. You’ve got to be mad to go into that field. Tedium like you have never thought possible.


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  2. amandakern says:

    I ran across this on Scott Kelby’s blog you guys might be interested:

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