Orlando Photowalk Specifics


This is just the preliminary walk route/schedule and is subject to change as I get more information but here is what I have planned so far.  Our walk will include two Orlando landmark areas, the first is Lake Eola.  This lake is in downtown Orlando and can provide some really nice cityscapes, especially after dusk.


Photo by Bucky Schwarz

From our starting point at the North-East corner of the lake we can head South and follow the lake around the southern rim.  We can then walk West on West Central Blvd. over to the train tracks and then turn South to the Church Street Station area.

Church Street Station

Photo by Joel Mann


Church Street Station is located in downtown Orlando and was constructed around Orlando’s original train station. The restored station along with old-fashioned bars like Rosie O’Grady’s Good Time Emporium swelled in popularity until eventually a whole complex of restored buildings was created. The Train Depot is listed in the National Registry of Historic Places and contains numerous historical artifacts. The most impressive artifact is “Old Duke”, a steam locomotive that was in the movie “Wings of Eagles” with John Wayne. 

Once we have walked through this area, we can head East on Church St. and then turn North on Rosalind Ave. back along the eastern edge of Lake Eola.  We will then make a right on Robinson St. and head East towards our starting point.  I chose this as the start/stop location because there will be some opportunity for some nice sunset cityscapes from this corner of the lake.

The Church Street/Lake Eola location is about 13 miles North of the Orlando Convention Center,  that’s about a 20 minute drive up Interstate 4.

If you have any suggestions for alterations, additions, or anything else, please feel free to post it in a comment.  I will try and get this all nailed down by the end of this week.

This is not an official Photoshop World event.  This is a privately organized photowalk and has no association with the National Association of Photoshop Professionals or Kelby Training.:-)



  1. Harold Blouin says:

    To go on these photo walks what type of equipment ex: lens, filters, clothing etc. should one bring?

  2. Harold,
    Generally speaking, you can be as heavy or light with equipment as you would like to be. I generally don’t like to carry more than a couple of lenses. This serves a couple of purposes. First, it makes me concentrate more on the scene and how I can use what I have to capture my surroundings. It Sometimes forces me to be a little more creative. Secondly, it cuts down on weight which can be a factor when I am walking for any distance. Most photowalks average around a couple of miles and after awhile all that extra gear will start to get heavy. Tripods are optional but if you want to shoot some twilight or night scenes, they are pretty much required gear. As for clothing, I would suggest comfortable shoes and what ever clothing would be most comfortable for the weather. The only thing else that you should bring is your creative eye to capture the surrounding area. If you would like more detail, have a look at my Photowalking post. I get a little more in depth about the whole process. Of course you can also feel free to ask me any more questions.


  3. Argh – I am so jealous that I won’t be there – it looks to be a lot of fun. I was going to refer Harold back to your Photowalk post, but I see you already have the reference in there, so my suggestion will be to just have fun and to not go in with any preconceived expectations of what you will see and what will be there to capture. Often in photo walks that our club has been on, I’ve seen and experienced several times the occurrence where I had a certain type of outing in my minds eye, and it was totally not conducive to those ends. As a result I missed some great photo opportunities. So, just keep that in mind – I am sure it’ll all be a great time though. Wishing I was there with y’all at Photoshop World!

  4. Anna Ely says:

    The route sounds great! What timeframe are we talking about? Will this be an evening walk? I’m driving in from about an hour and a half away and want to make sure I allow enough time to get there for this. Really looking forward to PSW!!!!

  5. What time on April 1?

    Thanks, Gary

  6. Robbie R. says:

    Has a start time been set yet? It would be great for those of us who are talking a pre-conference workshop (most of them are ending around 5:00PM ) to be able to attend.

  7. My first walk and I’m excited to be a part! What time will the walk begin?

  8. I would love to come, but I’m attending a pre-con workshop until 5:00. I already paid for the workshop, so I don’t see myself leaving early 🙂 Hopefully the schedule will work out so I can join you.

  9. As long as it’s not raining that day, the weather should be fairly nice. Probably a high in the low/mid 80’s without the usual high humidity of the summer. We generally get our best sunsets this time of year because the skies are relatively clear of haze.

    I didn’t see mention of a gathering time for the walk, though.

  10. Hi Jeff,

    I e-mailed you directly this week about the PhotoMasterTarget. I’m planning to go to your walk if my landing time and your starting time are compatible… Have you decided the starting time.
    If you’d like you can draw a unit worth $129$ among your crowd if you post it.
    Hoping to hear from you,

    Jean-Francois O’Kane.

  11. The walk sounds great, but I need more details. When does it start and who should I look for? Also, are you starting across the street from Panera’s Bakery?


  12. Jeff,

    What time and where will we need to meet? I will be in a pre-conference workshop until 5:00PM.

    Thanks for such a great opportunity to go shoot the sights.


  13. Harold Blouin says:


    Count me in, my first photo walk 😉

    It’s nice of you organizing these walks.


  14. My pleasure Harold. I love to go shooting and sharing it with other enthusiasts just makes it all the better. I look forward to meeting you and everyone else that shows up for the photowalk.


  15. Jeff

    What time will it be? I’d love to attend.


  16. Please see my post for Thursday, March 27 for all of the photowalk details.


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