HDR Processing in Photoshop – A Follow-Up Video

I received some questions and also felt the need to listen to myself talk so I recorded a follow-up video for my last HDR post. The article describes how to take the 32-Bit HDR file and process it down to a usable 16 or 8-Bit format while maintaining the tonal ranges that are achieved using the HDR photography method. The Photoshop method of processing tends to render a much more realistic view of a scene then other software that utilizes the tonemapping methods. So go ahead and sit back, relax, and enjoy the sultry tones of my voice as I guide you through the processing routine (you know I am kidding about the whole “sultry tones of my voice” thing, right?).


If you are having trouble viewing the embedded video, try clicking here to go straight to YouTube.


And here is a look at the image that I processed in the video. As you can see, it maintains a very wide tonal range, from the bright skies to the deep shade of the boulders along the creek bed, that I could never have captured in a single exposure. So next time you are out shooting with your tripod, go ahead and take some over and under-exposures and give the HDR thing a whirl. You never know until you try.

HDR image processed in Adobe Photoshop

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  • Rob

    Great blog with great info. I read it everyday!
    Just wanted to let you know that the video you posted is giving a “this video no longer available” error.

    Have a great day!


  • http://www.whatsgottastay.com Jeremy Hall

    Great video with informative steps. I have started messing with HDRI and enjoy seeing good examples.

    Just a note on your photo example posted, you left it in the Prophoto color space, so in the browser it is not showing nearly the quality it should. I am sure you know this and likely just didn’t make the sRGB conversion before posting to make sure that image shows well across browsers/platforms. I pulled it into PS though and looked at it in all its color space glory :)

  • http://www.revellphotography.com jeff

    Thanks RL,
    I’m not sure if there was an issue with YouTube or not but I went ahead and refreshed the embedded link and also added a link to the video on the YouTube page. Hopefully one or all of those solutions will have worked. I know that I can’t use the embedded YouTube while I am at work because our web blocking software doesn’t let it through. That’s why I put the link to YouTube, just in case.


  • http://www.photoky.com KenL

    I got one better than this..Go see. ITs about attitude


    Affectionately Nikon User

  • http://www.revellphotography.com jeff

    Thanks for the heads up on the color profile. I hadn’t even considered the change from ProPhoto to sRGB. I have downloaded the image, changed to sRGB and uploaded it back to the page. Hopefully it looks a little better now in your browser.


  • http://www.whatsgottastay.com Jeremy Hall

    Yes, this sRGB does look better by default in the browser. Obviously you have lost some of the luscious colors you see in PS with the full color gamut of ProPhoto, but most won’t take a photo that extra step.

  • http://www.paulopics.com/blog Paulo Jordao

    Hey Jeff. Great job with the tutorial. I will try to aply what I learned on some of my pictures. Thanks for the good job.

  • http://www.addicted2pixels.de stefan

    Hi Jeff,
    very useful video, thank you so much. I’ll have to go an try that out myself.

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  • http://www.tutorialhub.net Photoshop free tutorials

    really nice tutorial thank you

  • http://flickr.com/photos/olderduck Tom Jeary

    Very good tutorial. I have learned a lot and will make good use of it. Thank you

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