An action for grunge portraits – The Draganizer

I was reading Scott Kelby’s post yesterday about trying to achieve the Dave Hill effect using the Lucis Art plug-in and it made me think of another photographer’s look that I really like. Joey Lawrence did a whole series on homeless people and the images were grungy but also had depth and character. Joey actually talked about some of the grunge work he was doing and some of it involved an action called Draganizer. If you aren’t familiar with the action, it is a pretty lengthy series of filters and sharpening and dodging and burning all built into a step by step action. It actually stops at times and guides you on what to do next such as “Using a soft white brush, paint only the eyes. Then click PLAY to Resume.” The effect can be as subtle or over the top as you wish, depending on how you apply some of the layer effects. You can download the Draganizer Action (click here to download) at Action Central. Just download the file and double click on it to automatically have it installed into your Actions list. Then just run the action (it actually has two versions, one for small and one for large image sizes), follow the directions and get something that looks like the image below.

Original Image with Dragonizer action applied

Click on the images for a larger view

• DC PhotoWalk Update

I have been watching the weather with a keen eye and it’s not looking to cheery for Saturday. So here is the good news/bad news – the walk will take place no matter the weather. So if you are planning on coming out, dress appropriately and pray for dry weather and breaks in the clouds. You might want to pack a few plastic garbage bags too, just in case. Welcome to Spring in DC!




  1. The Draganizer is probably made by someone inspired by Andrej Dragan( His “look” are very simular to Dave Hill, but less color and a darker feeling. Take a look at his portfolio.

    /Johan, SWE.

  2. Concerning the Walk in DC Saturday, I have to take responsibility for the bad weather. Any time I plan on doing most anything away from home, the weather Gods notice that and dump anything and everything they can on top of me – rain, snow, whatever. I’m pretty sure the forecast was great UNTIL the day I decided to join the Walk. Sorry!!!
    Howard from the Northern Neck of Virginia

  3. where is that draganizer self port? hoping the weather is good!

  4. Mike,
    I actually posted one on my older Blogger pages. You can see it here: Self Portrait

  5. I remembered it from that –

  6. It’s very good this photoshop script action.

    Se my photos


  7. Great!


  1. PhotoWalkPro » An action for grunge portraits – The Draganizer

    Using the Draganizer action to create grunge look portraits in Photoshop

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