Tutorial Monday

I was feeling better his weekend so I decided to record part III of my HDR tutorial series.  This installment deals with creating a pseudo-HDR image from a single RAW file.  Often times the ability to shoot for HDR just isn’t a reality.  Either you forgot your tripod or maybe your subject matter just doesn’t lend itself to multiple exposures.  What ever the case may be, you can still derive the benefits of HDR from just a single image.  Most digital cameras that are shooting RAW have an exposure latitude of 7 to 11 stops, far great than any film.  By using the Single File Conversion process in Photomatix Pro, you can process the entire tonal range of your file and have it converted to an HDR file that you can then tonemap the file as per any HDR.

I couldn’t take multiple exposures of this scene out my airplane window but i could still perform some HDR processing using the single file conversion process.

Above the Clouds

Here is the completed image that was processed in the tutorial.

 Single exposure processed in Photomatix Pro

If you are interested in seeing more HDR imagery that I have created, try checking out my new  HDR Images page that can be found by following the link on the banner at the top of the page or by clicking this link.


  1. Roger Bourland says:

    your tutorials are superb. the sound, however, is so quiet that I have to use headphones to hear. Keep up the good work1

  2. A great tutorial! Now I just need to get a copy of Photomatix. I’ve used a previous tutorial you had for doing single image HDR’s: http://www.revellphotography.com/blog/?p=65

    This has worked well for me, though I’m still learning. http://www.flickr.com/photos/richtpt/sets/72157603918448195/

    Thanks for all your great tutorials!


  1. PhotoWalkPro » Tutorial Monday

    Video tutorial for creating HDR images from a single RAW image using Photomatix Pro.

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