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I have several items for today so make sure that you read all the way to the bottom (that’s usually where I hide the really good stuff).

Sunday in DC

On Sunday I loaded up my kids and drove downtown. It was a dual-purpose mission in that I wanted to scope out my site for the upcoming photowalk and also give my kids an opportunity to see The Awakening before it moves. The Awakening is a statue of a 100′ man coming up out of the ground. It is actually 5 separate pieces that look like one. It is very, very cool and has been a part of the DC landscape for the past 30 years. One of the cool things about this statue is that it existed in DC in relative obscurity. It was truly a hidden gem amongst all of the normal tourist locations and sites. The statue is located at the tip of Haines Point but will be moving this week to the new National Harbor project in MD. The piece has been on loan to the National Park service but has now been sold and will be the focal point for the National Harbor. I, for one, will miss it.

The Awakening - Haines Point

Photowalk News

Washington DC Photowalk - March 8, 2008

Ok, so I mentioned that my primary mission for venturing downtown was to recon the location for my upcoming photowalk. So here is where we stand. The location for this walk will be Adams-Morgan. My first discovery when driving through the neighborhood was that parking can be a nightmare. There are parking spaces all down 18th St. but good luck getting one. After surveying the parking possibilities I decided to see how close the Metro stop was. The nearest stop is the Woodley Park-Zoo/Adams-Morgan stop located on Connecticut Ave. From there it is about 1/2 mile to the Calvert St. & 18th St. intersection where the heart of Adams Morgan lies. The walk from Metro to this intersection is actually quite nice and passes over Rock Creek Park and has some nice row houses and other shootables along the way. So the official starting point for the DC Photowalk is the Woodley Park-Zoo/Adams-Morgan Metro stop. I have created an online route map for our walk that you can look at over at www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=1633130. The entire walk from start to finish is about 1.75 miles through a target-rich environment. The shops and stores and other unique features of the 18th St. corridor should provide many shooting opportunities. There are also a few alleys and such along the route for that “off the beaten path” shot. The only thing I am lacking at this moment is the starting time for the event. I have a friend coming in from out of town and I want to ensure that he will be here with time to spare so I am thinking of an afternoon shoot but I will hopefully get this nailed down this week.

Adams Morgan

So now we know the day and the location so let’s talk about some other items that might improve our walk. I was listening to the Digital Photography Show where Scott Sherman was talking about his experience from taking part in a similar photowalk in Bethesda. He had some great suggestions about what could make a photowalk better but the one that struck me the most was getting some interaction between the walkers. Now, I’m not really a huggy-feely kind of guy but I think it would be nice to know who you are walking with so before we leave the Metro station, I would like to take a few minutes for some intros. I’ll go first so you know who to throw things at later. I will also be writing down names and getting web address and flickr info because everybody likes getting some online link lovin’ (you don’t need an online presence to participate but it would be great if you could get a flickr ID to upload your images from the walk). Also, this is not a workshop but if you happen to learn something along the way, well that’s just like double coupon bonus day at the A&P. I’ll be happy to talk shop and equipment and whatever you want. There will also be several area camera clubs represented at the walk. If you are a member of a club, don’t keep it a secret. Let everyone know which club(s) you belong to. You might just be able to add to your club’s membership.

A New Tutorial

Before After

Last on the list for this Tuesday is another tutorial (see, I told you there was something good at the end). It’s a short little video tutorial on how to achieve the grunge effect you see above. The tutorial uses a simple 3-step process to achieve a nice level of grunge-ocity. Give it a look and see what you think.

If you can’t see this video in the current window, you can watch it over at YouTube by following this link.


  1. Jeff,

    Inspired by your site I went in search of any Photowalks or similar happening near me here in the UK. I’ve joined one happening on 1 March that isn’t local but still doable – and I am organising another for 8 / 9 March. This info and links will help to make these a success.

  2. Hi Jeff,
    Nice tutorial! Is the that the effect on the top 2 photos?

  3. Yes Brian,
    The left is the before and the right is the after. There are a lot of places you can take it from there but it’s a good start.

  4. Mike,
    I am glad to hear that you were inspired by my upcoming walk. Please let me know how it goes. I would love to see some images.

  5. I’m sorry Jeff I was referring to The Awakening photo and the one below that!

  6. Ahh, well that makes more sense. The Awakening photo is actually a single image HDR and the one from Adams Morgan is HDR with some grunge and a few other things rolled into it. I wanted an over processed sort of look to it.

  7. Hi Jeff Great post… I have been reading few of your posts about Photowalk…
    I would like to start one here in my area… Do you have a step by step how I should start?
    Paulo Jordao


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  5. Eileen says:

    RT @Photowalkpro: Tuesday Tidbits http://bit.ly/c5WmTL Jeff's tutorials are awesome……love em!

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  7. Love the "3 Steps to Grunge" tutorial. Tuesday Tidbits http://goo.gl/egUb

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