Inserting a Link-Back in your Lightroom Galleries

I received an email from one of my readers who had been looking at my online galleries. All of my galleries are created in Lightroom and he wanted to know how I put the Back to Gallery link on my pages instead of the standard email address. So here is exactly how you can accomplish this.

To create the link-back, you need to go to the Site Info panel of the Web development module in Lightroom and look for the Contact Info section. Once you are there, click inside the Contact Info section to rename it. Whatever you type will appear as the link name on your page. I labeled mine “Back to Gallery Page”. Then go down to the next section called Web or Mail Link and type in the address of the page that you would like to link back to. Don’t forget to include the “http://”. Now when you generate your page it will have that handy link-back instead of the email address.

Here is an example of one of my gallery pages with the link-back section.

Cambodia Gallery Page showing link-back

After you have made this change, you can save your new design as a pre-set by going over to the Template Browser on the left-hand panel and click Add to save your changes as a pre-set. The next time you want to create a gallery, just select your pre-set and your link section will automatically be inserted along with any other changes you have made. The nice thing about saving your pre-set is that you aren’t locked into those changes, they just act as a starting point so you can still go back and change any element within the page.

The other question I was asked was how to move the link section to the left side of the finished page. I really didn’t have an answer for this because I believe it would involve editing the actual flash or html template which is beyond my abilities. If you have any suggestions for doing this, please feel free to share it in the comment section.


  1. Should you only ever had links for your home page it might look a small suspect to the search engines. Usually if you’ve got useful content material on your website, folks will link directly to that content material, not to your main page. So when you are building your links, attempt to get a decent percentage of them (around 35% ) pointing to your internal pages. This is referred to as “deep linking”.

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