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I wrote this up for one of my buddies at work. He was trying to organize some images and was having some issues with his images not being organized in the order that he wanted.  I found this to be a pretty simple solution to his problem.

So here is the problem, you have a large group of images that you want to deliver to someone on a disk. The problem is that you may not have shot them in the order that you want them to be viewed in. This may be no problem for you but your clients may not have the software or prowess to rearrange them. The other problem is that computers are logical machines and like to have their files listed in a logical, sequenced order. That means it will look at the file name and start listing the files in an alpha-numeric sequence. You may have noticed this when looking at a file list and saw the following:






Obviously Image_10.jpg shouldn’t be listed after Image_1.jpg and what if you wanted Image_9 to come after Image_3? Well here’s the answer to your problem, the Adobe Bridge.

The Bridge allows you to resort your images by dragging and dropping your thumbnails into whatever order you choose.


Once you have them arranged, you can utilize the batch rename tool to re-sequence the images.


Make sure that you select a digit sequence number that will cover the number of images you have. If you have anywhere from 1 to 99 images, you can use the 2 digit sequence, from 1 to 999, use the 3 sequence number and so on. This sequence number will put zeros in front of your numbered file names so that a computer will list them correctly in the sequence that you want like so:





Etc., etc…


When renaming, you can also choose to rename the files in their current folder; move them to a new folder; or copy them to a new folder. Also, you can include all types of data in the file name such as metadata, the preserved file name, the date/time, or the folder name. Just click on the plus sign to the right of each naming option to add a new one.

The bottom of the dialog box will display an example of your current name and what the new name will look like.


A pretty useful tool, indeed.

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  1. Roger Tregelles says:

    Thats a really great tip Jeff! Thanks so much for sharing that. 🙂

  2. Hi Jeff – Just found your site and it looks good! Can I run this past you please.
    I started with Lightroom 1 but left after I brought a new Mac and moved to Aperture. Good programme but never really felt completely at home. Been watching some training tips recently on LR2 and thinking very seriously of returning. My BIG problem is that I never have sorted out my workflow in the way of organizing, cataloguing etc. Now have CS4 and Bridge looks really good… but do you bring everything into LR or what about sorting it in Bridge first? I’m guessing things like keywords, ratings etc will transfer OK.
    Another area is my photography has been DULL for sometime and whilst I’ve played with other ideas I have not been happy that is until I found HDR (Love your images) and bang I’m definitely getting happier and I too love pushing boundaries. OK to the purists may be it stinks, but to me it brings a very fresh approach.
    HDR images prior to Tonemapping etc I do not want in LR may be Bridge would be the way to go???

    I’ve taken up too much of your time so regards form a rather dull early morning in England.

    Regards Paul

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