Shooting More In 2008

I was sitting around last night watching the late ball game and playing with some old images when I came to a realization, I need more images. I’m not really talking about just shooting for the sake of having lots of images to amuse me when I’m bored but rather more collections that will exercise my eye and broaden my portfolio. I need to look for differing subjects that present new challenges. I started doing this late this year with my own version of the smoke image. I am a big fan of Jason Moore’s Geographic Composition feature (see an example here). Every week Jason and several other photographers submit images based on a given theme. It is this type of self-assignment that I will be looking to do this coming year. Brian Auer over at Epic Edits Weblog has been on a month long assignment to take a portrait-a-day for the entire month of December. Self-portraits, doggy portraits, friends, neighbors, and so on. You can’t help but learn from an exercise like that. So what’s my goal? I’m not sure but I think it has something to do with carrying my camera around a little more, maybe doing some photo-walks, and just making a little more time to shoot. If I can do that, I’m sure to add some quality images to my portfolio. So here’s my last image post from 2007 which was shot back in July.

Leaves on the vine - Manassas Battlefield Park - 2007


  1. I’m not convinced that broadening your portfolio is always a good idea. Would you want to be a great wedding photographer or someone who shoots fine art, sports, portraits, weddings, landscapes pretty well. I believe that learning how to do the others can sharpen your skills but you gotta do what you love the most or your images will suffer. Me personally, I shoot clouds really well. I can shoot the other things but not very well. And everytime I try to do something I don’t really love it make me nervous and I second guess my skills. Now one thing you have shown a great skill for is travel shots. You like to travel and shoot so maybe stick with that. Remember this, Do what you love and the money will follow.

    mike meyer

  2. mike meyer says:

    Well Happy New Year!!! I can’t believe my comment didn’t stir an emotions from anyone! Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to keep on talking to myself.

    mike meyer

  3. Mike Palmer says:

    We were still hung over Mike, But I will say your post is flawed just a bit, Shoot away Jeff, look forward to a year of new images at Jeffs Photo Gallery. Jason is taking sugestions for a improved geo comp, nothing out yet, but should be fun.

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