Thanks for the shout out from PhotoshopuserTV


I was checking out my blog stats this morning and I noticed that my hit count had risen substantially overnight. This usually happens when Scott Kelby mentions my blog on his uber-famous Photoshop blog, Photoshop Insider. Being an everyday reader of his blog, I knew that there had been no such mention. So I checked out my server info that tells me where folks are linking in from and it listed PhotoshopUserTV. So I popped over and low and behold, there is a link to this page on their links section. How cool is that?!!! So of course I had to watch the episode and sure enough, Scott mentioned my blog and more specifically, my entry on Inkjet paper sizing. If you haven’t read the entry, you can jump right to it by clicking here. Also, check out the comments section to see what other folks are saying and feel free to add to the discussion.

Thanks to Scott and all of the fine, fine people that bring you PhotoshopUserTV for giving me a nod on this weeks episode. It’s almost as cool as if I had won the iPhone Scott was giving away, almost.


  1. mike meyer says:

    Congrats on the plug. And look at your counter, over ten thousand hits. Now you need to parlay that into $’s per hit. Do you have anything to sell on your website. A t-shirt or something? Well it’s still a great blog even if I’m not you’re number one fan anymore. Congrats to Mike Palmer on surpassing me in total posts.

    mike meyer

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