Photography Code of Ethics – The issue is older than you think

On Monday, Scott Kelby discussed his personal code of ethics for image enhancement and manipulation. The discussion pulled in many different opinions of what is and is not acceptable when creating an image. I found this story over at the PBS site called American Photography: A Century of Images. The story discusses the history of photographic fakery and how it has been in existence long before the digital fears were even considered. You can give it a read by clicking here.

Original Photograph by Bob Jackson, Adapted by George E. Mahlberg


  1. mike meyer says:

    If you’re into Artistic Photographic Fakery, check out Jerry Uelsmann. He does his work in black and white but it’s all done with enlargers ( remember those ). His site is he did a lot of work way before Photoshop existed and it’s simply amazing. Hey is that Scott on Keyboards in the above photo?

    mike meyer


  1. […] *UPDATE: Friend-of-the-Blog Jeff Revell just posted a link to a PBS story about a century’s worth of American photos where you are given a history of “photographic  fakery.” Go check it out here. […]

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